About Us

A company created to innovate and invent, Vizidef has spent over 10 years in the digital and interactive display industry. Now, a full-on technology company with an emphasis on touch screens, LED wall displays, creative LED/OLED displays, and marquees. Our business focuses in on the best and the brightest new technologies available around the world.
We now introduce to you our newest company viziGUARD! After talking with our clients, we saw a need and quickly went into action. Your company can now benefit from these products. 
What is viziGUARD you ask? We manufacture antibacterial film, long lasting antibacterial spray, and UV boxes to clean your technology. The film can be used on any flat surface or touch screen device and lasts 30 days. Our spray lasts 48 hours and our UV boxes sanitize your phone, keys, or tools in 3-5 minutes.
We also carry thermal cameras to check your employee's or client's temperature before entering your building along with an array of other products to protect your company from bacteria.
Our team prides itself on being adaptable and collaborative no matter what the project. Our team members equate to the perfect grouping of generation, creation and implementation that focuses on whatever each client needs. As a team we have gathered a wide array of clients, both big and small, for this reason.
Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, viziGUARD has a passion to serve, and partner with, companies throughout the United States and around the world.
Let our small business help your business of any size kill bacteria!